A honeymoon is the traditional holiday or getaway taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in an intimate, secluded environment. For some the ideal honeymoon involves a hotel room that’s seldom left, for others the bustle and excitement of a foreign city is undeniable. The other popular honeymoon option is to go somewhere exotic like a beautiful island beach. But for those who aren’t content to soak up the island sun, the excitement of a luxury honeymoon safari can be the most alluring.

The honeymoon safari is something that you only get the opportunity to do once in a lifetime, so the experience needs to be memorable, and that takes careful planning.

Where To Go On Safari

Africa has always had a certain air of mystery and magic about it, making it a perfect place to go on honeymoon and experience something completely brand new.

See the Maasai Mara – one of the best wildlife reserves in Africa. Here you can witness the great migration as the wildebeest, topi, zebra, and gazelle move into the reserve between July and October every year.

Another favourite for witnessing the great Serengeti Migration at the Serengeti National Park. Also see the incredible Ngorongoro Crater, where your chances of seeing all of the Big 5 are very high. Tanzania also boasts tropical beaches and coral reefs, if you’re more interested in aquatic wildlife.

Botswana is home to some of the world’s top notch safari camps. Expect luxurious suites, private pools for moonlit bathing, and plentiful game viewing.

The Etosha National park in Namibia is characterised by its giant salt pan, so large it can be seen from space. The wildlife that gathers around the watering holes here includes elephants, zebra, lions, rhinos, and giraffe.

What You Get On Your Luxury Honeymoon Safari

The wonderful thing about safari these days is that you don’t have to ‘rough it’ any more. A safari can be a luxurious, personalised experience. With a honeymoon safari you can add a range of activities to suit your personality such as:

  • Horseback riding in the Nile River delta.
  • A hot air balloon ride to see the breath-taking landscape and majestic animals from above.
  • Hotel-like service with romantic turn-downs, a fine dining menu, and champagne at sundown overlooking the African plains.
  • Candle-lit suites.
  • And even some luxurious spa pampering and massages.
  • Daytime and Night-time animal viewing.
  • A safe, secure, guided way to see all the natural beauty that the African continent has to offer.
  • Stargazing under the crystal clear African skies.

Experience a once in a lifetime, unique, romantic honeymoon safari getaway.