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Our Indian Ocean Islands 

Mauritius and the Seychelles Islands are often regarded as one of the top beach destinations to combine with your Southern Africa safari. Whether you are looking for the perfect romantic end to your honeymoon or keen on quality family time on the beach, the Indian Ocean Islands are right for you. With a host of activities from deep-sea diving, fishing and sailing to a variety of inland activities including hiking, golf and horse riding, there is plenty to keep you busy while you soak up the island paradise.

We have decades of experience in crafting using a variety of intimate beach lodges and hideaways on the islands off the east coast of Africa.

Top Indian Ocean Islands Experiences

Experience the highest elephant population in Africa

Beautiful Beaches & Crystal clear oceans

The warm Indian Ocean waters and beautiful beaches of the islands of Mautitius and the Seychelles offer the perfect island excape on your Africa vacation. 

Beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean Islands
Mokoro excursions in the Okavango Delta

Pristine boutique hotels & Bare foot luxury lodges

From high-end luxury boutique hotels to bare foot luxury beach resorts, you will be spoilt for choice when planning your Indian Island retreat with us. 

Luxury Resorts of the Indian Ocean Islands
Exceptional game viewing in Botswana's private concessions and national parks

Exceptional Reef Diving and Calm Snorkelling

With an array of pristine reefs surrounding the Indian Ocean Islands and calm ocean conditions, diving and snorkelling opportunities are plenty, regardless of your choice of island. 

Diving in the Indian Ocean Islands
Combination luxury safaris in Botswana

Keep yourself busy with a variety of coastal activities

Both the Seychelles and Mauritius offer an array of coastal and outdoor activities for the active traveller. Enjoy ocean sailing, paddle boarding, horse riding and more. 

Helicopter flip in the Seychelles

More About The Indian Ocean Islands 

The island of Mauritius, set approximately 2,000km off the south-east coast of the African continent, is a beautiful coastal paradise simply waiting to be discovered. It is the island’s warm coastal waters and picturesque beaches that immediately grab your attention, but there is so much more to Mauritius than simply lazing on the beach. Inland the volcanic peaks and forests create a haven for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers. Golfers will be spoilt for choice with a host of quality golf courses offering not only exceptional golfing conditions, but remarkable coastal vistas as well.

Deciding on which side of the island to stay and which of the many luxury resorts and boutique hotels to choose, can be a daunting task. As experts in travel to the Indian Ocean Islands, we are on hand to make the decision that much easier, offering expert advice on which property and region are best suited to you and your interests.

While often referred to as one island, the Seychelles are in fact an archipelago of 115 islands. Mahé, the gateway to Seychelles and the hub where most travellers must pass, offers a fascinating introduction into life on the islands which local residents enjoy. While Mahé is worth exploring, it is on one of the many remote islands where the true magic awaits. Seychelles is best known for its private island resorts and luxury beach getaways, offering a more exclusive and remote island escape when compared to Mauritius. This makes it the perfect choice for honeymooners looking for the ultimate luxury escape or families keen to spend quality time together in a remote setting. Surrounding the islands are hundreds of coral reefs offering spectacular diving and snorkelling, while the beautiful coastal conditions provide the perfect setting for other ocean activities like sailing, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.


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Beach & Safari Combinations 

Combine your luxury beach escape on the Indian Ocean Islands with one of these Southern African destinations for the perfect Africa vacation. 

South Africa

From exceptional big 5 safaris to beautiful beaches, memorable cultural encounters and sophisticated cities, South Africa offers an immense diversity of true African travel experiences.


Recognised as one of the worlds last remaining true wildernesses. Explore the wonders of the Okavango Delta and enjoy exceptional wildlife encounters including Africa’s highest elephant population.


Regarded as one of the worlds most sparsely populated countries, Namibia is home to endless desert vistas and dramatic African skies – the perfect add on to your wildlife focused safari.