Dear Diana,

Going to Africa was an adventure I had long imagined. The trip was more then I imagined and I thank you for the perfect planning. We were able to see and experience so much! It was an intense, fun, educational and deeply moving experience. Thank you all for a memorable time. Roni M (New York)


Dear Diana

Thank you for your excellent service and care from the word go right up to the end. Your highly professional approach and attention to detail made the experience a very pleasant one for both me and Pinchas Zukerman and his wife Amanda.

Many, many thanks again. I will certainly do business with Hospitality Afrika in future!

Best wishes
Charl v H [Music Impresario] (Jhb)


We LOVED it! Great camp overlooking a dam which was always full of animals. From various buck, warthog to giraffe to buffalo. Very comfortable beds and a well-appointed, homely camp. We loved lying out on the loungers by the pool and under the trees during the midday watching the animals drinking etc. But best of all I cannot stress enough how good “Shoes”, our ranger was. He was a delightful character who read the mood of our group and catered to us accordingly. We have visited many lodges and we found him to be the most determined game tracker to date. We saw everything except wild dog! We saw the big 5 – up close- cheetah, serval, wild cat, caracul, hippo, crocs etc. We got to track a big male leopard who had made a kill and left it in a ditch only to return later to eat it that night. That was exciting! Shoes was very respectful of the animals at all times and we had an unforgettable experience with him.

Thank you too to you for your great service. We will definitely recommend Hospitality Afrika to our friends.

Kind regards,
Janine G (Jhb).


Hi Diana,

As promised here is an overview of the trip, in terms of what worked well and where minor improvements could be made.

Overall, it was a spectacular trip and was extremely well organized by you and your team. I am genuinely glad Hospitality Afrika was there to make it all happen.

More specifically, the locations were very well selected. The locations provided a diverse range of opportunities to see South Africa – as well as to enjoy the country in all its diversity. It’s a beautiful country – and I fell in love with it.

The one day in Johannesburg gave me a snapshot of the country’s history and economy; but we certainly would have liked to spend longer… Next time.

The diamond mine was almost like just another factory – and I found it very interesting to note that from such mundane operations bring forth the world’s most beautiful diamonds. So I learned something new. I found the small village of shops outside the mine to be a quaint throwback to another time and place – which I enjoyed.

The Apartheid Museum was a sobering and memorable experience. I know that your father was the architect and I saw how he made the design relevant to the context of the harsh times. My mother is an architect – so I have learned to appreciate building architecture and interior design from the time I was very young.

Cape Town was beautiful. I loved the proximity to the ocean and the lifestyle of the city. The wine country was wonderful and both the towns we visited were places I would have lived to stay for a day or two — just to enjoy the laid back lifestyle. Maybe next time!

Sabi Sands was the highlight. It was a miraculous experience — especially the proximity to the wild animals. I could have stayed longer and would not have tired. Even on days when fewer animals were to be seen, just the drive through the bush was something to cherish and remember. A whole new world opened up to me. It was a meditative and spiritual experience for me. It has made me seriously consider becoming more active in conservation of animals and natural habitats. I will never forget this experience!

The hotels were all very different. The Cape Town hotel’s ocean view was spectacular and worth every minute I spent there. Thank you for helping with a room with such a prime view. The restaurant also was a great place to sit and watch the breaking waves. Beyond this, the hotel was miniature — especially the ‘closet’ what worked as a bathroom! But it was worth it – simply because of the view and fresh sea breeze all the time. The staff were very friendly and always helpful. Beautiful.

The safari lodge in the was a throwback to a colonial past – and it made me nostalgic for my childhood when I was growing up in India. My father was a doctor in the army, and also in the air force. This meant I spent most of my childhood living in bungalows and club houses that were built during the British Raj. I loved it.

The guides were all great choices: friendly, helpful, reliable. I am sure you had something to do with it.

I really appreciate the personal touch throughout the trip. Your personal involvement, staying in touch, and following up at the end of the trip were all very significant and meaningful. The cell phone was an inspired idea.

There is not much to suggest in terms of improvements. I guess it is all about managing expectations of your clients – based on what kind of lifestyle they are used to.
Net, it was a once in a lifetime experience. I have already recommended your team to some of the guests at the lodge – they said they knew of you.
Thank you and your team for such wonderful time. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Best wishes,
Moheet N (Cleveland, Ohio).


Dear Diana,

Thanks so much for all you’ve done to make our travels such a complete success. The only thing you forgot, was having someone take care of our mail while we were away. What a blow dealing with the routine administrative details of life after being so pampered for the last few weeks. It was so lovely to see you at the airport plus our flight home was smooth and painless.

The trip was magical and all the arrangements you made for us worked without any snags. Your expeditor when we arrived from NY to Johannesburg was a particular help, getting past long lines when we were tired from the hours in the air. All the meet and greets were very helpful.

Windhoek: Our guide was knowledgeable — lots of details about names and dates. The hotel was excellent; comfortable and interesting decor, lovely staff and very good food.

Lodges: We loved each choice, each for its own unique qualities – all absolutely amazing and very well run, exceedingly gracious and attractive. We had a lovely lunch at the water’s edge and a chance to see seals and flamingos, but the eerie desertion the landscape is famous for was not really evident).

Generally wonderful guides, smooth transitions (air and ground), and extraordinary standards considering the locales in which they function.

Cape Town and Hermanus: We did enjoy the vistas, the book and antique stores and the trip out of town along the shore. Your restaurant recommendation worked out well. We loved the drive to Hermanus through the wine country. We had a nice stop in Stellenbosch and had the opportunity to do some serious gift shopping there. Of course Hermanus was a stunning ending to our adventures. Everything about it is both fun and lovely. If your clients are interested in getting close to the whales, booking a place on one of the whale watching boats is great, but I personally was happy to watch from shore.
Again, our thanks for your capable, attentive and super guidance at every turn. It has really been a pleasure.

All the best,
Sara and Tom H (Landrum, S Carolina)


“…it was the best experience of my life”
Anna Shiboda [wife of Mike Shiboda of Linkin Park] (USA)


And lastly, let me just say, you’re ruining me. You, Diana and your team collectively you’re ruining me. By the time I get home I won’t be able to tie my shoes. But for now I am certainly enjoying my luxurious downhill slide toward ineptitude!

Thanks again.
Richard B (Los Angeles)


Dear Diana

Once again, thanks for a magical experience. Even more than you promised.

Much Love
Larry and Angela Foster [Conductor] (Monte Carlo)


Thank you for planning such a great trip – it was unforgettable.

Joanna and Bryan (London)